WV Infinity Flight Will Be Back At Deep South Classic

There are many ways to judge if a travel basketball program is successful. Victories and championships obviously make a strong statement, but there are other signs of success. The West Virginia Infinity Flight program has earned plenty of respect for their play on the court, but it is their success in the classroom that really sets them apart.

“We have a team grade point average over 4.0 this year. Every girl we have is a strong student,” said Coach Jenna Curry. “I’m very proud of the way our team plays basketball, but I’m just as proud of the way they perform at school.”

This elite group will be back on the court at the 2017 Deep South Classic, which will be held in Raleigh, NC from April 20-23. The event, which will feature some of the finest travel teams in the nation, will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center. There will be 20 courts in the building, keeping the entire event under one roof in downtown Raleigh.

For Curry, the Deep South is a trip down memory lane.

“I still remember playing in the Deep South Classic when I was in high school,” she said. “One of the things that stands out is the competition. You see the best of the best in Raleigh. That’s why we’ve taken Infinity Flight to the tournament every year.

“The other thing I remember is all the college coaches who come to the event. With everything all together in one building now, you know that all the college coaches are going to be right there. You never have to worry about being sent away to a small gym where there aren’t coaches.”

Infinity Flight will be sure to grab the attention of those coaches this year, with a deep, balanced roster. Four of those athletes are currently competing together for Sissonville (WV) High School.

“It’s really special for these girls to play high school basketball together, and then play together in the summer,” noted Curry. “They are all scoring in double figures for their high school team right now.

“Laila Arthur (5-9, G, 2019) is a good ball handler and a great defender. She has a special ability to anticipate passes, so she gets her hands on a lot of balls. Brooklyn Campbell (5-7, G, 2018) is another guard who is a very good ball handler. Inside, we have Marleigh Bays (5-11, F, 2019) and Ashleigh Mcghee (6-2, P, 2018), and they are both playing very well.”

In addition to that quartet, Curry is also expecting contributions from Courtney Wilfong (5-5, G, 2019), Jaden McDaniels (5-4, G, 2018) and Torri Porterfield (5-4, G, 2018).

“Courtney’s biggest thing is her aggressive defense,” the coach said. “When we’re in man-to-man, she is an in your face, lock down defender. Jaden is an outstanding guard who can score, and she can handle the ball and distribute. Jaden plays hard, and she does a great job drawing fouls when she attacks the basket. Torri has been with us from the beginning, and it’s been great to watch her grow and mature, both on and off the court. She is a strong defender, and she is a scrappy player who gets on the floor for every loose ball.”