Vets Will Set Tone For Cincinnati Angels At Virginia Beach

After a successful run in 2016, the Cincinnati Angels will have a new look this summer, but the coach is expecting similar results.

“We had a great group last year with a lot of experienced players,” explained Coach Dante Harlan. “We had two starters who had been with our elite team since they were freshmen. So, we’ll have a younger group, but I’m excited to see how they come together. We do have some juniors who have been with us, and we’re going to expect for them to set the tone.”

Those veterans will get a major test at the 2017 Virginia Beach Classic. The tournament will be played on April 28-30, with the entire event held under one roof at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

The Convention Center is located just minutes away from the beach, and the venue should be loaded with college coaches from all levels. The area will be hosting the Virginia Beach Classic and the Nike Boo Williams will be 30 minutes away that weekend, and expectations are that over 600 coaches will be scouting the events.

Among the key veterans for the Angels will be 2018’s Ella Skeens (5-11, W), Allison Day (6-2, PF) and Alexis Straw (5-9, CG). Skeen is currently listed at No. 210 nationally in her class by the All Star Girls Report, while Straw is at No. 298.

“Ella is a sharpshooter, and she is one of the most athletic players you are going to see,” Harlan said. “She has good range on her shot, a strong mid-range game, and a great ability to attack the rim.

“Allison played on the elite level for the first time last summer. She is a country girl who lives in the middle of no where, but she got better in every single tournament last year. I’ve never seen a player get so many offers during the break in the middle of July. She is a special athlete who can defend all five positions. Her three-point shot is coming, and once she is consistent from the arc she will rise to another level.

“Alexis is out Steph Curry. She is a point guard who is our best passer, but she is also a sharpshooter who can hit from two feet beyond the arc. We have two young point guards, but Alexis is our security blanket. She is the smartest kid on the court, and we depend on her to lead the team on the floor. Alexis is a coach’s dream.”