Unsurpassed Excellence — The Deep South Classic Tradition

Through the years, the Deep South Classic has continually improved. When the 19th annual Deep South Classic was held in April, it was a truly special travel event by every measure.

The elements needed for a successful tournament are well known — great competition, quality facilities, and college coaches. All of those elements were present in Raleigh this year, with 400 teams competing under one roof on 20 courts in the fabulous Raleigh Convention Center. Those young athletes at the Classic were evaluated by 550 college coaches.

“It’s an event that has it all,” said Scott Hazleton from the Mass Rivals program. “They attract some of the best clubs from across the nation, you get good media coverage, and the event is packed with college coaches year in and year out. When they moved it to one venue, it absolutely became the best event in the country.”

The key to the Deep South Classic’s tremendous reputation is effort of the All Star Girls Report staff that runs the event. Led by tournament director Larry McKay, the ASGR staff has risen to a tremendous challenge year after year.

“They run a tight ship here, and everyone benefits,” said Spencer Richardson of the Team Brandan Wright program from Tennessee. “Part of this being a great experience is that it is well organized and run on time. Plus, if you ever have a problem, you can make a phone call and you will get some answers. You don’t get that at a lot of tournaments.”

“They work hard to make it the best possible experience,” added Ryan Garner from the Philly Freedom Stars. “I coach two of our teams, and we asked them to try to schedule it so I wouldn’t have to miss any games. The timing of the schedule was perfect, and that was huge for us.”

When you have that type of organization, and you have a tremendous facility, the teams and the college coaches will come. Roger Wiley, the director of the South Carolina 76ers, was at his 12th Deep South Classic.

“They have everything you want in an exposure event,” Wiley said. “The competition is second to none, there are college coaches all over the place, the facility is great, and it is very well run.”

On the courts, some of the finest athletes from across the nation are showcased. The field included standout squads from So Cal Select all the way to FGB out of Jacksonville, FL.

“It just seems like the competition here just keeps getting better and better every year,” said FGB director Kenny Kalina, who was at his fifth Deep South Classic. “We come in here feeling like we have a good chance of winning the whole thing, but then you have to play one tough team after another tough team.”

The high level of play was guaranteed to draw college coaches, and they too came from all over the USA, and from all different levels.

“There is a combination of things that make this event great,” said Coach Doug Bush from the Southern Starz program out of Alabama. “You’ve got the competition, the venue and the organization of the event, but at the end of the day it’s all about the college coaches. That’s what we’re looking for, and the college coaches are here.”

Everyone — the college coaches, the teams and the fans — benefitted from having the entire event under one roof in downtown Raleigh.

“This is just a great event for the girls, and one of the best things is having one site for the whole tournament,” said Mac Irvin, who oversees the Mac Irvin Fire program out of Chicago. “We usually take four teams to these events, but we were able to bring five teams here. We brought our younger team for the first time because with just one site, everything is so much easier. You aren’t running around all over the place, and that makes a big difference.”


2016 Deep South Classic Winners

13U National A
Power Move 13U (MD) 31, Maryland Lady Tigers 2020 13U (MD) 30

14U National A
SC76ers Sizzle 14U (SC) 42, Georgia Jaguars 14U (GA) 25

14U National B
Capital City Comets Kopyar 14U (OH) 40, WS Stealers Grant 14U (NC) 35

14U National C
Ohio Lady Hoopsters 14U (OH) 69, SC Lady Raptors 14U (SC) 44

15U National A
MN Stars Nelson 2019 15U (MN) 59, Capital City Stars 15U (OH) 30

15U National B
MN Crossfire Elite 2019 15U (MN) 46, Lady Royals 15U (NC) 44

15U National A/B
MN Stars Nelson 2019 15U (MN) 47, MN Crossfire Elite 2019 15U (MN) 46

15U National C
Greensboro Lady Gaters 15U (NC) 43, GA Pistols East Elite 2019 15U (GA) 24

15U National D
Cincinnati Angels 15U (OH) 61, TN Team Pride 2020 15U (TN) 47

15U National C/D
Cincinnati Angels 15U (OH) 54, Greensboro Lady Gaters 15U (NC) 37

15U National E
Mass Premier Swish 15U (MA) 53, Bolingbrook Panthers 15U (IL) 33

15U National F
Maryland Lady Tigers 2018 15U (MD) 52, Mac Irvin Fire Black 15U (IL) 34

15U National E/F
Mass Premier Swish 15U (MA) 60, Maryland Lady Tigers 2018 15U (MD) 56

16U National B
FBC Blue 16U (GA) 51, DC Future Elite 16U (MD) 47

16U National C
BWSL Richmond 2018 16U (VA) 61, Taylor Hill Elite 16U (MN) 50

16U National B/C
BWSL Richmond 2018 16U (VA) 69, FBC Blue 16U (GA) 68

16U National D
Team Ohio 2017 16U (OH) 50. Hooped Elite 16U (MD) 24

16U National E
Comets 16U (PA) 46, Brandon Wright Black 16U (TN) 28

16U National D/E
Comets 16U (PA) 44, Team Ohio 2017 16U (OH) 37

16U National F
Team Loaded 16U (VA) 47, Riverside Hawks Gold 16U (NY) 34

17U National A
Lady Royals 16U (NC) 63, New York Lightning 16U (NY) 44

16U National F/17U National A
Lady Royals 16U (NC) 46, Team Loaded 16U (VA) 45

17U National A
WS Stealers Lyon 17U (NC) 44, Trotters Malo 17U (NC) 35

17U National C
Germantown Lady Panthers 17U (MD) 42, Hollywood Eagles 17U (FL) 24

17U National D
Mt. Elite 17U (MA) 44, MN Thunderbirds 17U (MN) 41

17U National E
Spectrum Elite Blue Star 17U (VA) 60, Douglas Lady Tigers 17U (GA) 50

17U National F
PSPA Rams 17U (MD) 41, FBC Black 17U (GA) 39

17U National C/D
Germantown Lady Panthers 17U (MD) 50, Mt. Elite 17U (MA) 29

17U National E/F
PSPA Rams 17U (MD) 53, Spectrum Elite Blue Star 17U (VA) 48

17U National C/D/E/F
PSPA Rams 17U (MD) 43, Germantown Lady Panthers 17U (MD) 39

17U National G
Mass Rivals Black 17U (MA) 53, BWSL Richmond 2017 Davis 17U (VA) 42

17U National H
FBC MO 2017 17U (GA) 52, Comets 17U (PA) 50

17U National J
Cincinnati Angels 17U (OH) 50, AL So Stars 2017 Bush 17U (AL) 49

17U National K
Best Choice United 17U (IN) 48, Minnesota Fury 2017 Elite 17U (MN) 44

17U National G/H
FBC MO 2017 17U (GA) 55, Mass Rivals Black 17U (MA) 44

17U National J/K
Best Choice United 17U (IN) 59, Cincinnati Angels 17U (OH) 46

17U National G/H/J/K
FBC MO 2017 17U (GA) 61, Best Choice United 17U (IN) 55