Unity Will Carry WV Infinity Flight At Virginia Beach Classic

Building a successful travel basketball program can be a tricky business, hoping to balance the talents and expectations of young players. For the West Virginia Infinity Flight, all the pieces have fallen into place.

“We think we have some of the best players in the state, and we have great team chemistry,” Coach Jenna Curry said. “Some of these kids have been together since 2014, and they are all really good friends even though they compete against each other in high school. We are lucky, really, to have these great kids who have gelled together on and off the court.

“They play unselfish team ball, and they all just want to do whatever they need to do in order to win. They get along great off the court, and they always support each other. We do some team bonding things when we are at tournaments — last year it was laser tag, I couldn’t tell you how many times we took them to play laser tag last year — but more than anything we just have a lot of great kids and great families.”

WV Infinity Flight is looking to enjoy another wonderful experience at the 2017 Virginia Beach Classic. The tournament will be played on April 28-30, with the entire event held under one roof at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

The Convention Center is located just minutes away from the beach, and the venue should be loaded with college coaches from all levels. The area will be hosting the Virginia Beach Classic and the Nike Boo Williams will be 30 minutes away that weekend, and expectations are that over 600 coaches will be scouting the events.

Unity and balance are the keys to success for Infinity Flight. Their deep roster in Virginia Beach will include Aeriel Adkins (5-10, F, 2018), Angela DeLorenzo (5-10, CG, 2018), Anysa Jordan (6-2, C, 2019) and Katy Darnell (5-3, CG, 2019).

“Aeriel is a scrappy, tough rebounder and defender, but she can also step out and shoot the three all day long. Aeriel is so competitive, she always wants to get better, and she is the most coachable player on the team.

“Angela has a great handle, especially for her size. She can shoot the three, she is a great free throw shooter, and she is a lock down defender. Angela is an intelligent player who is a coach on the floor for us, and she is another kid who always wants to improve. It seems like she is always working hard to become a better player.

“Anysa just turned 15, but she is amazingly mature on the court. She is constantly going against older, bigger players for, but she always keeps her composure. Anysa is a good shooter who is shooting 75 percent on free throws for her high school team, and she has great natural post moves. She is very advanced inside.

“Katy is just an awesome kid. When she joined the program she was shy and quiet, and now she is a social butterfly. On the court, she has a great handle, and she can attack the basket even at her size. She is also a very, very consistent shooter.”