Towering Hoop Dreams Athletic Will Compete At Virginia Beach Classic

When the Hoop Dreams Athletic team takes the court this summer, they will be looking down at their opponents …. literally. Coach Dorian Williams will be able to send out a series of towering athletes who measure 6-6, 6-4, 6-4 and 6-3.

“We are going to be really strong with all three of our teams, and we may have one of the tallest teams in the country this year,” said Williams.

That tall timber from North Carolina will be on display at the 2017 Virginia Beach Classic. The tournament will be played on April 28-30, with the entire event held under one roof at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

The Convention Center is located just minutes away from the beach, and the venue should be loaded with college coaches from all levels. The area will be hosting the Virginia Beach Classic and the Nike Boo Williams will be 30 minutes away that weekend, and expectations are that over 600 coaches will be scouting the events.

The tallest player for Hoop Dreams Athletics will be Arielle Wilson (6-6, C, 2018), but players like Mahogany Matthews (6-4, C, 2018) and Deasia Merrill (6-4, G, 2019) will add plenty of size too. The All Star Girls Report has Wilson listed as the No. 285 recruit in her class nationally, while Matthews is ranked at No. 363 and Merrill is at No. 230.

“Arielle is a player who re-classified this year,” Williams said. “She is a big shot blocker, but she is an athlete. She can handle the ball, run the floor and consistently hit the three-pointer.

“Mahogany is another good athlete with size. The runs the floor very well, and the last time I saw the state statistical rankings she was leading the state with 6.7 blocked shots per game this winter.

“Deasia is a remarkable player from Georgia. I can her our diamond in the rough. She can do it all. When she was growing up, she really focused on her ball handling, so she doesn’t have any trouble bringing the ball up the court. She can also shoot the three, and Deasia is a great passer.”

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