Star-Studded FBC Will Challenge For Deep South Classic Titles

Few travel programs in the country can draw the kind of attention that follows the FBC club out of Georgia. FBC has a roster that is filled with Top 50 caliber players, which is a sure fire way to draw a crowd of college coaches.

The FBC road show will make a key early stop this summer at the Deep South Classic, which will be played for the 19th time in 2016. The Classic will run from April 21-24 in Raleigh, N.C., and it will once again be held at the magnificent Raleigh Convention Center. The entire event will be played under one roof, with action flowing on 20 courts.

“We always look forward to the Deep South Classic because it is so competitive,” said Coach Alfred “Mo” Motton. “You have so many talented teams, and having the entire event under one roof is very convenient for everyone. It’s just a great atmosphere for the girls, and it’s a great way to start the year.”

Leading the way for FBC this year will be 5-10 athlete Mikayla Coombs, who is currently listed as the No. 3 recruit in the Class of 2017 by the All Star Girls Report. Coombs is back on the court this winter after suffering an ACL injury last year.

“Mikayla is looking good and strong,” Motton said. “She is just one of those players who can really do it all. She gets a lot of attention because of her scoring, but she is a versatile player with an all-around game.”

FBC also has younger stars, including Jada Rice (2018, 6-3, P, No. 43), Amirah Abbur-Rahim (2020, 6-2, WF, not yet ranked) and Abyonce Carter (2020, 5-10, WF, No. 11).

“Jada is a very strong player who gives us a real defensive presence,” Motton said.”She rebounds, runs the floor and blocks shots, and her offensive game is improving every day. She has matured a lot lately, and I think she is going to have a strong summer.

“We are very excited about both Amirah and Abyonce. I really think both of them are ready to really step on the scene and make a mark on the national level.”