If you use clipboards and Excel to tally your own stats from practices and/or games, you will love SportsBoard!

Using SportsBoard, coaching staffs can customize their own stats data model tailored to their coaching philosophy, and associate a +/- value to each stat (e.g. -1 for Turnovers, +2 for Charges Taken, etc). SportsBoard can then summarize those stats for you and even calculate an overall Player Efficiency Rating for every player on your roster from those practices and/or games.

The steps are simple:

  • Define your stat data model in your private cloud account
  • Sync your ASGR/SportsBoard app on your iPad to your account.
  • Tally stats on the iPad
  • Sync your iPad with your account after your practice or game
  • Generate player efficiency report
  • Distribute the report to coaches, or even players, within minutes


  • Stat practices and/or games and generate player efficiency ratings reports within minutes
  • Live-Stat practices or games and tag your video within minutes
  • Scout opponents and quickly distribute scouting data to coaches and players
  • Evaluate your own players more often with better data to improve their performance

For more information about SportsBoard’s Season features and PER reports, contact Alex Monetta at SportsBoard at 415 322 1049 or