South Carolina 76ers Will Head North To Virginia Beach Classic

When the South Carolina 76ers convene for a practice, it’s a lot like a family gathering. The vast majority of the 76er players have been a part of the program for a number of years, so there is a special comfort level.

“For the most part, we bring in kids at a young age and they move up through our system,” said veteran 76ers coach Roger Wiley. “We have some attrition each year, and then we go out and fill the gaps here and there, but about 85 percent of our kids grow up in our system.”

The 76ers are looking forward to a big weekend at the Virginia Beach Classic. The tournament will be played on April 28-30, with the entire event held under one roof at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

The Convention Center is located just minutes away from the beach, and the venue should be loaded with college coaches from all levels. The area will be hosting the Virginia Beach Classic and the Nike Boo Williams will be 30 minutes away that weekend, and expectations are that over 600 coaches will be scouting the events.

“We’re excited about Virginia Beach. Whenever the All Star Girls Report staff is running an event, you know it will be done right,” Wiley said. “They do an outstanding job, and they make it easy for the everyone. It’s efficient, and they do a great job of communicating.

“Plus, having all the games in one building is important when you have multiple teams. When you have teams playing in five or six gyms, that’s tough on the parents and the coaches and the college coaches.”

The 76ers will be bringing plenty of talent to Virginia Beach, including four players who will pace the club’s top team. Evonna McGill (6-2, F, 2018), Ahlea Myers (5-5, G, 2018), Amari Young (5-11, WF, 2018) and Camille Hobby (6-2, F-C, 2019) should draw plenty of attention from the college coaches.

“Evonna has good size, but she also has a strong mid-range game and a nice touch,” Wiley said. “She is money from the elbow, and she can take people off the dribble. Evonna can also defend on the perimeter because she works hard, she has good feet, and she knows how to use her length.

“Ahlea is a shooter who reminds me of Vinny Johnson, ‘The Microwave.’ When Ahlea starts scoring, it comes in bunches. She has very good quickness, and she handles the ball well.

“Amari made a big splash last summer. She is just a bundle of energy, and she is a double-double machine for us. She plays the four for her high school team, but she has great, great speed and her perimeter skills are coming.

“Camille is a great shooter with range out to the arc. She is also very strong and she is a smart player. She has really blossomed since last year, and I think she is headed for an awesome summer. Her father (Marion Hobby) was the co-defensive co-ordinator at Clemson last year, and he just joined the staff of the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

The All Star Girls Report currently has McGill listed as the No. 538 recruit in her class, while Myers is at No. 293, Young is at No. 207, and Hobby is No. 305.