So Cal Select Returns To ASGR Summer League In 2016

The So Cal Select program had a number of reasons for returning to the All Star Girls Report Summer League in 2016. There was the top flight competition, the tremendous exposure to college coaches at all levels, and a third component that is often over looked on the travel circuit.

“You obviously have the competition and the exposure, but one of the big things for us was that the girls really enjoyed playing in the league,” said Coach Matt Thally. “I think they liked playing teams from across the country, they liked the idea of playing for a league championship, and all the tournaments are very well run, which makes it enjoyable for everyone.”

So Cal Select should be headed for a very successful summer on the court. The program is loaded with talent, led by Julianna Louis (2017, 6-2, F), Cailyn Crocker (2019, 5-8, PG) and Daja Hamilton (2018, 5-7, PG). Crocker is currently listed at No. 20 on the ASGR national rankings, while Louis is at No. 320.

“Julianna is a very strong, very athletic player,” Thally said. “She is a banger inside who rebounds very well, but she also has a nice jumper and she can attack the basket.

“Cailyn is very athletic, and she already has a nice, high jumper. She is a defensive demon, but what really sets her apart is her leadership. Caiylin always puts the team first, she is constantly talking, and constantly encouraging her teammates.

“Daja is a really smooth athlete who does a good job at the point. She handles the ball well and has a nice jumper. Daja knows how to get to the rack, and she also does a good job dishing to her teammates. On the defensive end, she seems to be all over the court.”


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