SME Will Compete For 2017 ASGR Summer League Title

The SME program out of Mississippi has been recognized as one of the top organization’s in the South for a number of years, and the club has traditionally played a strong schedule. In 2017, however, SME athletes will take a step forward when they compete in the elite All Star Girls Report Summer League for the first time.

“We’re all looking forward to playing in the League this summer,” said Coach Burnell Wesco. “We know that we are going to be facing tough competition at every event, and we know that we’re going to get to play teams from across the country.

“I think the kids are really excited about this opportunity. They like the idea of competing for a championship during the summer. That gives us something extra to think about at every event.”

Wesco is confident that he is building a roster that will hold up well against elite competition.

“I feel really good about the kids that we have committed, and we’re still working on a couple more possible additions,” the coach said. “We have a lot of talented, experienced players back who have had a lot of success in the past. I know that we are going to have a group of very, very good guards.”

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