Pittsburgh, Binghamton Are Newest Subscribers To The ASGR SportsBoard App

New Binghamton head coach Linda Cimino and Suzie McConnell-Serio of Pittsburgh have both subscribed to the ASGR Scouting Service app.

All Star Girls Report’s ground-breaking new mobile scouting app is changing the scouting game dramatically for women’s college basketball coaches. The app, developed by SportsBoard and available on iTunes, has given coaches the unique ability to merge ASGR’s scouting service data on the top-rated players with their own assessments recorded on their iPads or iPhones for players around the country.

Ten Division I college women’s programs  already recognize the convenience and enormous efficiencies to be gained — Binghamton, Pittsburgh, Kansas, South Florida, West Virginia, Purdue, Texas A&M, North Carolina, Maryland and the University of Washington. Bret McCormick, events managing partner and publisher of ASGR’s Scouting Service, said he is thrilled so many premier college programs are moving toward a paperless process, all powered by SportsBoard.

“This new ASGR app is awesome for coaches because it’s so convenient to have access to all of ASGR’s scouting notes along with the ability to make your own notes court side,” McCormick said.

“Ultimately, everyone will get the ASGR app because it’s so much more efficient and it totally streamlines the recruiting process,” McCormick said. “This is the wave of the future for college coaches. It’s completely consistent with our commitment to provide college coaches with the best possible recruiting experiences.”

Founded by Michael T. White in 1995, All Star Girls Report has provided hundreds of clients with superior national coverage of 5,000 top prospects on a yearly basis. All Star Girls Report is a trusted source of national championship programs, Hall of Fame coaches and AAU club teams.

SportsBoard’s iPad/iPhone and cloud-based technology for recruiting, season and camp activities has been adopted by over 200 college athletic programs, including women’s basketball programs at universities such as North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Maryland, Memphis, San Francisco, Alabama, Florida State, Harvard, and North Dakota State.

“We couldn’t be happier about our new partnership with SportsBoard,” White said. “This revolutionary new app has been an important step forward technologically for the All Star Girls Report. The mobile app has enabled us to “raise our bar” in terms of the level of service we offer to our coaches.”

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