Peak Performance Will Bring Experience, Youth To Deep South

Now in its 12th year as a program, and it’s eighth as a travel organization, Peak Performance out of Georgia has continually improved. The club has had 73 players sign NCAA scholarships over the years, and their current athletes have very bright futures.

Those prospects will make an important early season statement at the 2017 Deep South Classic, which will be held in Raleigh from April 20-23. The event, which will feature some of the finest travel teams in the nation, will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center. There will be 20 courts in the building, keeping the entire event under one roof in downtown Raleigh.

Peak Performance will be making its fifth appearance at the Deep South.

“When you make a checklist of the things you want in a tournament, you get them all at the Deep South,” said Peak Performance executive director Bruce Price. “They always draw the best competition, and there are a ton of college coaches. Then, you put that all under one roof so that those college coaches can easily see everyone.”

Peak Performance will be led in Raleigh by a strong group of veterans, and the club will also have have several brilliant young players. Among the veterans, Tyja Traore (6-2, P, 2018) and Sierra Sieracki (5-11, W, 2018) will get plenty of attention.

“Tyja is a long, lean rebounding machine,” Price said. “She is very athletic and so tough on the boards, and her entire game is coming now. Sierra is a finisher and a slasher. She is athletic as all get out, and she is a high academic, Ivy League, type of kid.”

While Traore and Sieracki are stars of today, Price is also excited about the future of players like Kara Dunn (5-9, W, 2022).

“Kara is a phenom. She is a seventh grader who is the best player on our 10th grade team,” Price said. “She shoots it, she handles it, she passes it …. Kara has all the skills. She could end up being over 6-0, and she is one that is going to be on everyone’s radar.”


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