New York Based NDO Elite Joins ASGR Summer League

The NDO Elite program in New York is only in its fourth season, but the organization and been growing and improving each year. The club, which was formerly known as the NDO Hornets, will take a major step forward this summer when NDO competes in the All Star Girls Report Summer League for the first time.

“The most important thing for a travel program is to get the proper exposure,” said Coach Greg Johnson. “We have done a good job generating exposure on our own — we’ve had 17 girls get scholarships over the past three years — but joining the League and becoming a part of that network is going to take us to a whole new level.We’re really, really excited about this summer and the opportunities it will create for our players.

“Another thing that was attractive for us is the new venues they have been adding to the circuit. The new events made it great for us.”

NDO Elite has stretched it’s base since it’s inception, with about half the current players coming from New York City, and the other half coming from upstate New York.

“We have done a good job of growing the last few years, basically adding a team each year,’ Johnson said. “I think the main thing that drives our program is the level of commitment. We find the right players, and then they stay with us for the most part.

“When you have the same group of players, you begin to get a consistency and a connection. These kids have bought into our program and what we want to accomplish, and that’s very important for a successful program.”

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