Mac Irvin Fire Will End Tough July In Charlotte

For top flight travel programs, the heat is truly on in July. That’s when the elite clubs cross the country looking to face the top opposition, and searching for the best possible exposure. Few programs travel more miles — or face tougher competition — than the Mac Irvin Fire.

“July can definitely be a challenge,” said Irvin, who directs the Chicago-based club. “You have the travel, and then you are playing four, five, or even six games at each event, so it can be tough for the kids.

“That’s why we always try to have 10 good players ready for each event. Some programs use six or seven players, but I think those kids wear down during July. We want to have everyone going strong at the end of July.”

This year, Mac Irvin Fire will conclude their July campaign in Charlotte, NC at the 2015 ASGR Summer Basketball Playoff on July 27-30. The event, which will once again feature top flight programs from around the country, will be held at the Carolina Courts facility.

The July journey can be especially tough on younger players, even the ones who are extraordinarily talented. Mac Irvin Fire has two of those rising stars in Kayla Green (2020, 5-7, PG) and Cameron Williams (2020, 5-11, F).

“Kayla, in my eyes, is one of the top five point guards in the nation in her class,” Irvin said. “She just has that ‘it‘ factor. She’s special. She is a very strong scoring point guard. She really goes to the rack hard, and she is a very good rebounding guard.

“Cameron’s father played in the NBA for about 12 years, so she has good genes. Cameron is, most importantly, very, very athletic. She runs the floor very well, and she has a soft touch from 15 feet on in.”


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