Lady Meanstreets Has Joined ASGR Summer League For 2017

The Lady Meanstreets program was created in the Chicagoland area back in 2010, and the club has consistently built its membership since that time. Now, seven years later, Lady Meanstreets has taken another big step forward by joining the elite All Star Girls Report Summer League.

“We are very pleased with how we have grown. We’ve actually grown faster than the plans that we had for the program,” said Lady Meanstreets director Eric Armstrong. “The goal for our program is pretty simple — we want to help kids get into good colleges — and we want them to have a good foundation in place when they get to college.”

Armstrong is confident that joining the League will only serve to accelerate Lady Meanstreets’ development.

“We’re really looking forward to the summer. I think playing in the League will give us a great stage,” he said. “They run everything very well, and the League is going to bring us some extra exposure which will elevate our recruiting. We have done a good job in the past — we have had over 50 kids get scholarships — but being in the League should make us even more successful.”

Lady Meanstreets has grown into an organization that includes six teams — three from the high school ranks and three with younger athletes. The club’s approach is relatively simple, but the program does an outstanding job of helping to develop complete young women.

“On the court, we have a system that is similar to college systems,” Armstrong said. “We have some structure, but we still give the kids some freedom to play the game. We feel like we do a good job of building a bridge between high school and college.

“We also teach the kids about the expectations in college in terms of work ethic, commitment and discipline. We work on building character so that we can help them in basketball, and in life. I think college coaches see that in our kids. Those coaches are attracted to kids with good character.”

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