La Familia Will Travel To FILA Nationals

The La Familia program in New Jersey has enjoyed plenty of success in past summers, but Coach J.J. Jackson believes this will be the club’s best summer.

“We have a lot of players who can put the ball in the bucket, and they choose to play together. That’s the key with this team, they are not selfish,” Jackson said. “That’s why I think this is the best team I’ve had — by far.”

Jackson’s crew will be severely tested at the talent-filled FILA Nationals event in July. The FILA Nationals, which will include over 100 national teams, will be played at the Suwanee Sports Academy outside of Atlanta from July 6-8. This is one part of a series of previews for the FILA Nationals where we will highlight the outstanding programs who will be competing.

If La Familia stands tall at the FILA Nationals, it will be because of a its deep, talented roster that loves to “run and gun” according to Jackson. Leading the way will be 6-2 forward Maranda Drummond (2014), 6-1 shooting guard Jackie Benitez (2015) and 5-7 point guard Hannah Spencer (2015).
“Maranda is a big time player,” Jackson said. “She has a long wing span, and she can hit the three. Jackie is a scorer, and I think just about everyone in the country is going to be after her. She is ready to go through the roof this summer. Hannah is a pure point guard who plays great defense for us.”
La Familia should also get major contributions from 6-1 wing Ramona Benitez (2014, Jackie’s older sister), 5-3 point guard Cy Lippold, and 5-10 two guard Imanie Brown.