Hoop Dreams Shining Brightly

Pac-12 coaches, such as June Daugherty of Washington State, have their eyes on the Hoop Dreams program.

A trio of promising young players have been boosting the Hoop Dreams program in Boise, Idaho this summer. Those athletes will have an important opportunity to showcase their talent at the upcoming FILA Sixty-Four event in Las Vegas.

The FILA Sixty-Four, which will include over 48 national teams, will be played at the Westin Lake Las Vegas from July 27-30. This is one part of a series of previews for the FILA Sixty-Four where we will highlight the outstanding programs who will be competing.

Hoop Dreams Black head coach Shemric Williams is confident that his club will be ready for the FILA challenge.
“We have a young team, and we’ve been getting better and better,” Williams said. “We have been playing well, but the girls aren’t satisfied. This team really competes and fights for every game. As a coach, that’s what you love to see.
“We use three guards, and they really set the tone for us. All three of them are talented, and they just love to compete.”
Leading the way for Hoop Dreams is Destiny Slocum, a 5-8 point guard from the Class of 2016. Slocum is being recruited by a number of Pac 12 programs.
“Destiny is a fearless player who loves to attack the basket, and she can pull up off the bounce,” Williams said. “When I talk to people who are more familiar with the guys’ game, I compare her to Dwyane Wade or (Russell) Westbrook.”
The tallest member of the trio is Dominique Williams, who stands 6-0. Dominique, who is a 2016 prospect, is Shemric’s daughter.
“Dominique is a versatile athlete who can play inside or outside,” the coach said. “She can post up for us, or she can step out to the three-point line. She is a good rebounder, and she can score off the bounce.”
The final member of the group is Tori Williams, who is not related to  Shemric. Tori is a 5-9 two guard who is a member of the Class of 2017.
“Tori is a smooth player who could be a point guard or a two guard,” the coach said. “She reminds me of Chris Paul. She is a great passer who loves to involve her teammates, but she can take over at the end of the game. She is also tough. I think she has taken more charges than anyone on our team.”