Healthy Georgia Jaguars Prepping For ASGR Summer Playoff

After enduring a difficult spring, the Georgia Jaguars are looking forward to serious success in the key month of July.

“We had a couple of injuries that were really holding back our older teams, but we are going to be at full strength in July,” noted program director Michael Woods. “We’re looking forward to see what all of our teams can do against the top competition. Our 10th grade team has played very well, so I’m impressed with a number of those players. We’re all just excited and ready to get to the July events.”

One of the top events in July for the Georgia Jaguars will come when they travel to Charlotte, NC for the 2015 ASGR Summer Basketball Playoff on July 27-30. The competition, which will feature many of America’s top club programs, will be held at the Carolina Courts facility.

Leading the way for the Jaguars in Charlotte will be a trio of veteran prospects. Alexis Burns (2016) is a 5-9 combo guard, and on the baseline the team is paced by 2016 twins Jasmine and Jessica Herndon (6-2).
“Alexis is a guard with a strong body, and she reminds be of Cappie Pondexter,” Woods said. “She can attack the rim with her great strength, she can post up most guards, and she has a very good mid-range game.
“The twins are actually very different types of players. Jasmine is a back to the basket player who uses her strength and good footwork in the post. Jessica is more of a face up player. She has an excellent jump shot from the elbow, and she is a very good passer.”
The Jaguars also have a very talented group in the Class of 2017, featuring Alexis Tate (5-10, WF), Kayla Bonilla (5-2, PG), Mya Millner (6-0, G) and Kayla Vance (6-1, P).
“Alexis is a bigger version of Alexis Burns. She is very, very strong, and she creates all sorts of mismatches,” Woods said. “For her size, she is very good in the post. With Kayla Bonilla, you have to forget about her height, because she is something to watch. In high school, she has to score a lot of points for her team, but she is quickly learning how to run the point with us. And, she is a very, very good defender.
“Mya is a great athlete who is effective at both ends of the court. She has a very good mid-range game already, and she has a lot of upside because of her athleticism and size. Kayla Vance has a big, strong body, and she can finish well with either hand. She dominates in the paint, even against bigger opponents.”

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