Excitement Building For ASGR Summer League

One of the stalwarts of the women’s basketball community will take another step forward this summer when the All Star Girls Report Summer League will make its debut. The league will feature 32 elite teams in each age group, for 17U, 16U and 15U. The best of the best will compete throughout the summer, with the League crowning its champions at the Summer Basketball Playoff in Charlotte at the end of July.

The concept immediately received a positive reaction from the summer circuit participants.

“We think this is just a great opportunity for the girls. We want to put them on the best possible platform, so this is important,” said Marlon Wright of Best Choice United in Indiana. “Anything you can do that will increase the exposure for your players and present them with challenges, that’s a good thing. We already have a lot of coaches following our program, but our responsibility is to get these kids the most possible exposure. We’re just very happy that this all worked out.”

“I know the kids are really excited about playing in a league like this. They love the competition,” added Robert Hildreth of the Maryland Terps. “It’s a special opportunity. You are playing against great competition, and you are playing to really earn something.”

Each team in the ASGR Summer League will play three regular season games. These games will be scheduled on the days  leading up to the traditional major ASGR events, including the tournaments in Raleigh, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas. The Summer League games will be separate from these main tournaments. Each League team will play in the Summer Basketball Playoff, with the regular season contests used for seeding purposes.

The 2015 titles will then be determined in Charlotte, where the intensity level should be at an all time high.

“We are excited to be involved in the league, and very excited about the challenge. We had a very good year in 2014, so we are looking forward to testing ourselves in the league events,” said Ben Boyd of Arizona Select. “We know the kids will get great exposure, and there will be a high level of competition.”

The All Star Girls Report was launched by White in 1995, and it has been providing the nation’s most accurate player ratings for the past 20 years. White’s Top Ten All American Camp has produced 175 McDonald’s All-Americans since 2001, and he spent 15 years serving as a grassroots consultant for major brands such as adidas, Reebok and FILA. White, who currently serves on the McDonald’s All-American Selection Committee, successfully launched the Michael T. White Signature Shoe and Clothing Line in 2008.

The fact that the event is being run by the experienced ASGR staff has been a major selling point with the travel programs.

“They have always done a great job with their events,” Hildreth said. “The first big tournament the Lady Terps ever went to was the Deep South Classic, so that’s where it started for us in a lot of ways. We still get a lot of our scholarship opportunities every year from that event.”

Hildreth isn’t the only coach who recognizes the contributions of ASGR.

“The All Star Girls Report has been established as a leader in this game for a long time,” Boyd noted. “They have helped a lot of programs over that time. Programs that are national level programs now never would have reached that point without ASGR.”

“We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity. I’ve have had a relationship with the All Star Girls Report people for over 10 years, so I know this will be run properly,” added Chris Johnson from the Cy Fair program out of Texas. “They are going to provide the kids with everything they need. The tournament and the events are going to be very well organized, and the kids are going to get amazing exposure. All of those things are very important, and we’re all looking forward to the journey.”

For more information about ASGR, you can visit www.ASGR.info, or you can follow us  at www.Twitter.com/ASGR1995. For information on league opportunities and the uniform purchase program, you can contact Mike White at (818) 298-3488.