Elite Programs Will Compete In ASGR Summer League

Something new is on the horizon for the 2015 travel season. The All Star Girls Report Summer League will make its debut, feature 32 elite teams in each age group, for 17U, 16U and 15U.

The ASGR Summer League will provide the answer to questions about which travel teas are the best, or how the top two post players or point guards would match up. The best of the best will compete throughout the summer, with the League crowning its champions at the Summer Basketball Playoff in Charlotte at the end of July.

“The All Star Girls Report has been in this game for a long, long time, and they have always run quality events. Anyone who gets invited to compete in this league should feel privileged,” said veteran coach Dorian Williams of Hoop Dreams in Atlanta. “If you get that call, that means you are one of the best of the best. I have gotten that call from some other groups and I said ‘No,” but I said ‘Yes’ this time because I knew this would be elite.

“Every year you have some of the best competition in the country at All Star Girls Report events like the Deep South Classic and the other tournaments. When you draw all that talent every year, it’s only natural that you would create something like this.”

The concept, and the involvement of ASGR, immediately received a positive reaction from the summer circuit participants.

“I’ve talked to a number of our players, and they are very, very excited,” said Tuck Connor of Team Ohio. “When the players are excited, they want to work harder, and now they are very anxious to get started. I also think it is going to help with our recruiting. This is the type of thing that will draw talented players to our program.”

Each team in the ASGR Summer League will play three regular season games. These games will be scheduled on the days  leading up to the traditional major ASGR events, including the tournaments in Raleigh, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas. The Summer League games will be separate from these main tournaments. Each League team will play in the Summer Basketball Playoff, with the regular season contests used for seeding purposes.

“Whenever you get a chance to compete against the top competition for a national championship, that’s going to be great,” noted Coach Terri Bamford of Wiggins Waves in California. “When you go to a normal travel tournament, you are never completely sure what you are going to get. In this format, every game is going to mean a lot more.”

The 2015 titles will then be determined in Charlotte, where one home town club will be going for the title.

“We always want to play against the very best competition, and that’s what the All Star Girls Report brings,” Williams said. “We get a chance to really test ourselves. And, if you are better than we are, than that experience is only going to make us stronger.”

The All Star Girls Report was launched by White in 1995, and it has been providing the nation’s most accurate player ratings for the past 20 years. White’s Top Ten All American Camp has produced 175 McDonald’s All-Americans since 2001, and he spent 15 years serving as a grassroots consultant for major brands such as adidas, Reebok and FILA. White, who currently serves on the McDonald’s All-American Selection Committee, successfully launched the Michael T. White Signature Shoe and Clothing Line in 2008.

The fact that the event is being run by the experienced ASGR staff has been a major selling point with the travel programs.

“We have never heard anything by positive feedback about the All Star Girls Report staff, and our experiences at their events have always been positive,” Connor said. “They always have well run events, and our players always get great exposure. We go all over, and we always see the most college coaches at their events.”

For more information about ASGR, you can visit www.ASGR.info, or you can follow us  at www.Twitter.com/ASGR1995. For information on league opportunities and the uniform purchase program, you can contact Mike White at (818) 298-3488.