Deep South Field Includes Tennessee Team Pride

Coach Jim Davis and his staff at Tennessee Tech will be watching Team Tennessee Pride this summer.

Heading into its 18th summer, Tennessee Team Pride has established itself as an outstanding program that routinely sends a dozen young women into the collegiate ranks. The standard for the club is high, but this year’s rising senior class may be one of the best ever for the Tennessee Team Pride squad that will be showcased at the 2013 Deep South Classic in April.

“We have a roster full of Division I caliber players, and this team is probably the most skilled team we have had in a number of years,” said program director Chris Brown.”We have Abby Sissom, who is one of the best guards in Tennessee, and Sally McCabe, a 6-4 post who is being looked at by a lot of the majors. We have a lot of other players who are getting attention from the colleges, like Kennedy Potts, who is a skilled guard and a very good student.”

The Deep South Classic, which will include 200 teams, will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center from April 19-21. This is the fourth in a series of reviews about the Classic, and we’ll highlight other outstanding programs in the coming weeks.

Tennessee Team Pride has a roster loaded with talented players, and the Pride style gives each of those athletes a chance to shine.

“We’re just a lot of fun to watch. We played at a fast pace, and our philosophy is to put the kids in a position where they can be effectively evaluated by the college coaches,” Brown explained. “We don’t use gimmicks. We play mainly man defense, and we push the ball and look for threes. The ball never rests, and we don’t have a lot of one-on-one play.

“The kids love this style of play, and it’s fun to coach and watch.”

Here is a quick look at some of the other top-flight programs that will be competing in the National Division at the Deep South Classic:

Southeastern Lady Blazers
Key Prospects: 2016, 6-2, C, Kobi Thornton. 2014, 5-9, G, Brandi Buie. 2014, No. 302, 6-0, PF, Madi Mitchell. 2014, No. 293, 6-2, C, Justice Wright.
McCormick On Why To Watch The Lady Blazers: There is already a lot of buzz about Thornton. She is a tremendous athlete and a great leaper with a huge upside. Buie is a slashing athlete with a nice pull-up jumper, and she can hit the three. Mitchell is athletic and aggressive — a consistent double-double kid. Wright is more of a strong athlete who is good in the low post.

DC Cobras
Key Prospects: 2014, No. 217, 5-4, PG, Breonn Hughley. 2015, No. 228, 6-1, PF-C, Therese Gilmore.
McCormick On Why To Watch The Cobras: Hughley is a lightning-quick lefty who has a great feel for the game. She can score, and she does a great job involving her teammates. Gilmore is a strong post player. She rebounds, and she knows how to be physical in the paint.

Memphis Elite Holmes
Key Prospects: 2014, No. 351, 5-6, PG, Amber Holmes. 2014, No. 367, 5-9, SG, Kairneisha Trent. 2014, 5-9, G, Kiara Golden. 2015, 6-3, C, Eryn Foster.
McCormick On Why To Watch Elite Holmes: Holmes has a good handle, she can hit the three, and she is explosive to the hoop. Trent is a combo guard who knows how to score and how to get to the free throw line. Golden is another combo guard who can attack the lane or shoot from the arc. Foster is a physical, strong player with a real low post presence.

Connecticut Baskebtall Club
Key Prospects: 2016, No. 7, 5-10, G, Desiree Elmore. 2014, 5-8, PG, Teneya McLaughlin. 2015, 5-5, PG, Dejane James.
McCormick On Why To Watch CBC: Elmore is going to be one of the most-watched prospects this summer. She is a quick lefty with a scorer’s mentality. She can attack the basket and she has good shooting range. McLaughlin is a true point guard who can run the show and lead a team. James is more of a combo guard. She can pass the ball and direct a team, but she also has great quickness and she can get to the basket.

New Jersey Sparks
Key Prospects: 2015, 6-2, PF-C, Taylor Brown. 2015, 5-10, G, Nia Adams. 2015, 5-5, PG, Sierra Gerald. 2015, 6-2, PF, Katia Oge. 2015, 5-5, G, Kayla Diaz.
McCormick On Why To Watch The Sparks: This is a club that is loaded with talent, and this team has a number of players to watch in the 2015 class. Brown probably has the most potential. She is a good, strong athlete, and she has a nice inside-outside game.