Deep South Field Includes Become One From Canada

When Handel Kipp started the Become One club in Toronto along with Patrick Brown, they knew that competing in major tournaments in the United States would be a big part of their program.

“We had come down with the Canada Elite club last year, and we realized just how much exposure the players got at the events,” Kipp said. “The parents also learned a lot about what the players could get out of the trips.

“It’s great exposure and a great opportunity for these kids to make it to the next level in America. We’re excited that they are going to have this chance again.”

The Become One players will have a great opportunity at the 2017 Deep South Classic, which will be held in Raleigh from April 20-23. The event, which will feature some of the finest travel teams in the nation, will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center. There will be 20 courts in the building, keeping the entire event under one roof in downtown Raleigh.

The Become One program features talented athletes in a number of classes, with youngsters Lisa Tesson (5-8, PG, 2021) and T’yana Todd (5-11, PG, 2022) among the best. Tesson is currently listed as the No. 7 recruit in her class by the All Star Girls Report.

“Lisa is the real deal,” Kipp said. “She can really stroke the three-pointer, she has a high motor, and she is a tenacious defender. T’yana is a great scorer who can score in a number of ways. She sees the floor very well, and defensively she knows how to use her length.”

Become One also has talent in the upper classes, including Ethel Opoku (5-6, PG, 2019), Savannah Provo (5-11, W, 2019), Keowa Walters (6-4, P, 2019) and Adebola Adeyeye (6-3, P, 2018). Adeyeye is ranked at No. 484 by ASGR.

“Ethel has great scoring ability, and she sees the floor well, but it is her defense that sets her apart,” Kipp said. “She can guard from end-to-end, and she just understands how to create havoc.

“Savannah is a one girl fast break. She can take a rebound and go coast-to-coast. She shoots the ball well, she defends, and she is a high IQ player.

“Keowa and Adebola are our twin towers. They can both block shots and they clean up the glass for us. Where they are different is that Keowa is more of a stretch type shooter, and Adebola is more of a powerful player in the paint.”