Deep South Classic Will Feature Philly Triple Threat, San Antonio Finest In National Division

UCLA head coach Cori Close and Virginia leader JoAnn Boyle (top, photo courtesy Virginia Media Relations) will both have Top 20 commitments competing in the 2013 Deep South Classic.

Two of the nation’s top travel programs will be in Raleigh, N.C., this spring for the Deep South Classic. Triple Threat out of Philadelphia and San Antonio’s Finest both have rosters loaded with future collegiate players.  The Deep South Classic, which will include 200 teams, will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center from April 19-21. This the second in a series of reviews about the Classic, and we’ll highlight other outstanding programs in the coming weeks.

“Those two programs have a number of top-flight players,” said Bret McCormick, who serves as the analyst for the All Star Girls Report. “They have a lot of depth, and they both have a key player who is ranked in our national Top 20.

“San Antonio’s Finest has Recee’ Caldwell, who is at No. 7 for the Class of 2014. Recee’ has committed to UCLA already. She is 5-7, and she is a great point guard. She has NBA range on her three-point shot, and she has one of the highest basketball IQ’s you are going to find.

“Triple Threat has Lauren Moses, a 6-1 power forward who is ranked at No. 18. She has committed to Virginia, and I think she’ll be a very good player for them. She is a great athlete with a strong body, and she is a very aggressive basketball player.”

The Triple Threat program has built a tremendous reputation under the direction of Eric Worley. The program has an impressive alumni list, but the current group may be breaking new ground.

“We have had a lot of success, and we’re looking forward to competing at the Deep South Classic this year,” said Worley, who will be sending five teams to Raleigh.”We try to play aggressive, Philly-style defense where we are active and in your face, and we want to attack the rim on the offensive end.

“Our goal is to develop the entire player. For example, if we have a strong post player in our program we encourage her to step outside so that she can build her complete game. I think that approach has been a big part of what we’ve accomplished.”

While Moses is the highest-rated player on the Triple Threat 17 National team, college coaches will be closely watching a number of the team members. In particular, 6-1 power forward G’mrice Davis (No. 130 in the Class of 2014), 5-7 point guard Aminah Farmer (No. 197),  and 2015 standout Kalista Walters (a 6-0 forward) will draw attention.

San Antonio’s Finest is led by Ray Caldwell, who is Recee’s father. Three members of Caldwell’s club could be headed for breakout performances in Raleigh.

“Tanaeya Boclair (6-0, F, 2014, No. 172) has added some skills during the high school season, and I think she will surprise some people,” Caldwell said. “She can play the three as well as the four now, she has a college-ready frame, and she can grab the rim. Wendy Knight (5-9, G, 2014) is a big, strong guard with good shooting range. She is up to about a dozen offers now.

“Then we have Amber Ramirez (5-6, PG, 2016, No. 10), who is going to be a star. She has NBA three-point range, she is very crafty with the basketball, and she just has a special knack for scoring. She had college offers before she ever set foot on a high school campus.”

Here is a quick look at some of the other top-flight programs that will be competing in the National Division at the Deep South Classic:

Minnesota Fury
   Key Prospects: 2014, No. 184, 6-3, C, Kaitlyn Quandt; 2014, No. 200, 6-2, PF, Kyle Brown.
   McCormick On Why To Watch The Fury: “This team has two very good post players. Kaitlyn is a strong player who can handle contact, and she can spread a defense with her perimeter shot. Kyle is another inside-out scorer who can post up, or she can shoot it out to the arc.”
FGB Elite
   Key Prospects: 2014, No. 74, 5-9, G, Dominique Simpson; 2014, No. 67, 5-8, G, Sha’Quoia Crockett; 2015, No. 72, 6-2, F, Jonell Williams.
   McCormick On Why To Watch FGB Elite: “Simpson is a very quick guard with a great handle. She can attack the basket, and she has excellent shooting range. Crockett is a tremendous athlete who can really elevate. She is an offensive-minded player with a nice jump shot, and she can get to the rim. Williams is an athlete with a strong body who can finish inside, and she is an excellent student.”
New Mexico Heat
   Key Prospects: 2014, No. 233, 5-10, G, Sydney Walton; 2015, No. 138, 5-9, G, Danni Williams; 2015, No. 148, 5-7, PG, Alexa Romano.
   McCormick On Why To Watch The Heat: “Walton is an athletic combo guard with a good offensive game. Williams and Romano are both excellent backcourt prospects for 2015. Williams is a lefty who is athletic, intelligent and skilled. Romano is a heady point guard who knows how to run the show, and she can get to the rim.”
Cincinnati Heat Premier
   Key Prospects: 2015, No. 169, 5-7, PG, Jenna Brown; 2015, 5-8, G, Lauren Cannatelli; 2015, 6-2, F, Arianne Whitaker.
   McCormick On Why To Watch The Heat Premier: “They have three talented kids for 2015. Brown is quick and strong, she sees the court well and she can score for you. Cannatelli is a pure shooter who can put up big numbers. Whitaker is a good, long athlete who can play inside and she can shoot it out to 15 feet.”