Deep South Classic Bracket & Schedule

Find your team and bracket assignment on the team lists below. Brackets assignments are determined by the ASGR Basketball Staff and will not be changed once they are posted for the tournament.

All Teams Will Play 2 Games on Friday, 2 Games On Saturday & 1 Game On Sunday.
Please Follow Your Bracket From Winner & Loser Into The Final Bracket Of Each Division That Will Determine Your Game Time On Sunday.

Game Schedule Grid
Deep South Classic 2022 Team List
17U Tar Heels Bracket A
17U Tar Heels Bracket B
17U Tar Heels Final
17U Blue Devils Bracket A
17U Blue Devils Bracket B
17U Blue Devils Final
17U Wolfpack Bracket A
17U Wolfpack Bracket B
17U Wolfpack Final
16U Eagles Bracket A
16U Eagles Bracket B
16U Eagles Finals
15U Bears Division Bracket A