Commitments For Seven More Schools

Sue Semrau of Florida State has the thumbs up from three recruits, including a pair of transfers.

The 2014 recruiting classes are coming into focus, and over the next month we will review some of the programs that are enjoying the most success in the early going. Here is a quick look at some of the teams that have been making noise this summer, along with the perspective of All Star Girls Report analyst Bret McCormick. Each athlete is listed with their ASGR national ranking for 2014.

    Florida State: No. 29 (Rutgers transfer), Shakena Richardson, 5-5, PG; No. 95, Chania Ray, 5-8, SG; No. 204 (Kentucky transfer), Meagan Conwright, 5-9, PG.

    McCormick on the Seminoles: “Shakena is a super quick point who is a great passer. She has a wonderful handle and she knows how to direct the offense, and she can score. Chania is a great shooter with range and a lock-down defender. Meagan is a combo guard with size, and she is a smart player who can attack the basket.”


    Kansas: No. 10 JC, Shea Brown, 6-4, C; No. 69, Terriell Bradley, 5-9, PG; No. 174, Lauren Aldridge, 5-7, PG.

    McCormick on the Jayhawks: “Shea is good athlete with a strong body, and she will give them an aggressive low post presence. Terriell is an explosive point guard who can be a scorer, or a facilitator. Lauren is an in-state player who is very skilled and very intelligent.”


    Penn: No. 71, Michelle Nwokedi, 6-2, PF; NR, Beth Brozozwski, 5-7, G; NR, Anna Ross, 5-8, PG; NR, Lauren Whiplatch, 5-11, WF.

    McCormick on the Quakers: “Michelle is a huge get for Penn. She is a leaper with an inside-outside game, and she will have a major impact from Day One. Beth is a fundamental combo guard who knows how to play the game. Anna is a scoring point guard, and she’s a real gym rat who works hard. Lauren is an athlete who can post up, or she can play on the perimeter.”


    Hawaii: No. 580, Kandiss Barber, 5-10, SG; NR, Dalayne Sampton, 6-2, C.

    McCormick on the Rainbow Warriors: “Kandiss has good athleticism, and she can handle the ball and score. Dalayne is a strong inside player who can run the floor and sink the 15 footer.”


    Arizona State: No. 88, Ayanna Edwards, 6-4, C; No. 302, Nicole Iademarco, 6-1, SG.

    McCormick on the Sun Devils: “Ayanna is an athlete with a strong body. She is a true low post player who can score with either hand against contact. Nicole is an improving player who could play a number of positions. She has great skills and a sweet stroke from the arc.”


    Missouri: No. 108, Abrianna Porter, 6-2, PF; No. 416 (Louisville transfer), Davionna Holmes, 6-3, PF.

    McCormick on the Tigers: “Abrianna is an athletic kid with an inside-outside game. Her father is an assistant coach with the Tigers. Davionna was on the volleyball team at Louisville, but she is also a strong basketball prospect. She is a great athlete with a strong body, and she is very comfortable facing up to the basket.”


    Lipscomb: No. 563, Kennedy Potts, 5-10, SG; No. 573, Emily Eubank, 5-8, PG; NR, Loren Cagale, 5-9, PG; NR, Amber Fuqua, 6-1, F; NR, Riley Northway, 6-2, C.

    McCormick on the Bison: “Kennedy is a smart player with a lot of skills and versatility. Emily has a good feel for the game, she plays hard, and she can hit the three. Loren is another backcourt player with fundamentals and a high basketball IQ. Amber is a wing with good size. She can put the ball on the floor, and her range extends out to the arc. Riley is a post player who can score inside, and she also has the ability to face up and score.”