Charlotte Bound All New Jersey Elite Hasn’t Lost A Beat

Taking a two-year hiatus would be a serious setback for most travel programs, but the re-organized All New Jersey Elite hit the ground running in 2015.

“We are fortunate to have  a lot of young talent in the organization, and everyone did a great job this spring,” said program director J.J. Jackson. “I think the biggest thing is that we had a lot of experience, so we were able to come back in at the top. Wayne Flannigan, our coach, and I had been doing this for 11 years, so we were ready to come back strong.”

All New Jersey Elite’s return coincided with the debut of the ASGR Summer League, and Jackson is thrilled to be a part of the league.

“We are super excited to be in the Summer League,” he said. “There are so many talented teams in the league, and being a part of that is huge for us.”

All New Jersey Elite will look to wrap up the season on a high note in Charlotte, NC at the 2015 ASGR Summer Basketball Playoff on July 27-30. The event, which will once again feature top flight programs from around the country, will be held at the Carolina Courts facility.

The team from New Jersey will be led by a quartet of outstanding prospects, including Makiela Walker (2016, 5-9, CG), Patrice Harding (2017, 5-9. G), Kamani Williams (2017, 5-11, W) and Kiara Rodriguez (2017, 6-2, P).

“Makiela is a strong guard with a nice jumper. She knows how to use her size an strength to penetrate, and she is having a very good summer,” Jackson said. “Patrice’s family is tall, and if she grows, she is going to be a monster. She is already a big guard, she is fast, and she is very athletic. Patrice has a tremendous upside.

“Kamani is super strong, and she is very good at getting to the rim. She has a long wing span, and she is a very good defender. Kiara is very strong, and she has a lot of good low post moves. She is really very effective at finishing inside.”



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