WP Celtics Will Close Out 2015 Campaign In Marietta TOC

The Wallace Prather Celtics out of Atlanta fielded five strong teams this summer, with elite talent sprinkled throughout those rosters. In the fall, the Celtics may take a slightly different approach.

“We have a lot of great young players in our program,” noted Coach Renardo “Nard” Hudson. “We had our best players spread out during the summer, but we might shift things and put a lot of them together in the fall just to see how that works.”

The Celtics key event in the fall will be the All Star Girls Report sponsored Marietta Tournament of Champions. The event, which will be played from Sept. 25-27 at the Suwanee Sports Academy outside of Atlanta, will feature some of the nation’s finest travel squads.

The key performers for the Celtics in Marietta will be Taylor Mason (2017, 5-10, WF, rated at No. 49 in her class nationally by ASGR), Valerie Nesby (2017, 5-8, PG), Lyndsey Whilby (2017, 6-0, WF, No. 73) and Taylor Sutton (2018, 5-7, PG, No. 54).