Carolina Waves Will Roll Into Deep South Classic

The Carolina Waves program has reached new heights in recent years, thanks in large part to a group of talented players who traveled to Raleigh, NC from Brazil.

“We have a unique situation. I know the U-16 national team coach in Brazil, and two years ago we got five international players from Brazil,” said Waves coach Eric Hemming. “They’ve been in the United States for two and a half years now, and they are all being heavily recruited.”

That group of young Brazilians will be competing in the 2017 Deep South Classic, which will be held in Raleigh from April 20-23. The event, which will feature some of the finest travel teams in the nation, will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center. There will be 20 courts in the building, keeping the entire event under one roof in downtown Raleigh.

The Brazilian contingent  will include Geassy Germano (6-1, W, 2018), Obalunanma Ugwu (6-0, F-C, 2018) and Izabel DeAngelo (6-4, P, 2019). Germano will begin the summer as the No. 412 recruit in the Class of 2018 according to the All Star Girls Report.

“Geassy is a European style player who is great in transition,” Hemming said. “She has those European type moves in her arsenal, and she has the size and athleticism.

“Obalunanma is a strong, powerful player. She is very good facing the basket from 15 feet in, and she is a great rebounder.

“Izabel is a skilled player with great hands. She is a threat from the three-point line, and she is a solid passer. Izabel is very good with her back to the basket.”