ASGR’s Top JUCO Prospects

Shannon Smith is headed for Michigan.

All Star Girls Report analyst Bret McCormick has released his list of the top 25 prospects in the junior college ranks. McCormick’s rankings include both sophomores and freshmen.

“There are some good players at the junior college level, but there are not a tremendous number of players who could be difference makers on the Division I level,” McCormick said.

Here is a quick look at McCormick’s Top 25:

The Super Six

1. Sh’lonte Allen, 5-8, Fr., Trinity Valley C.C. (TX)

          This talented combo guard can do it all.

2. DeShawn Harden, 5-9, So., Johnson County C.C. (KS)

          Point guard played at Oklahoma in 2011-12.

3. Jeraldine Campbell, 5-6, So., Tallahassee C.C. (FL)

          Point guard transferred to Tallahassee after one season at a Mississippi J.C.

4. Aiche Ndao, 6-3, Fr., Collin County C.C. (TX)

          Power forward from Senegal was at Duquesne as partial qualifier last year.

5. Adut Bulgak, 6-3, Fr., Trinity Valley C.C. (TX)

          This Canadian has an impressive inside-outside game.

6. Khadijah Ellison, 5-8, So., Chipola College (FL)

          SG will sit out this season after transferring from Pensacola J.C.


The Next Nine

7. Chrisstasia Walter, 5-7, So., Hutchinson C.C. (KS)

          Point guard transferred in from Arkansas.

8. Oulaymatou Coulibay, 6-3, So., Seminole State College (OK)

          This talented post player hails from Bamiko, Malia.

9. Marisha Wallace, 6-1, So., Oklahoma College Enid (OK)

          Power forward is an Oklahoma State commitment.

10. Janelle Cannon, 5-9, So., Southwestern Illinois College (IL)

         Floor leader has made a verbal commitment to Louisville.

11. Tamara Taylor, 5-9, So., Gulf Coast State College (FL)

          Shooting guard has already committed to South Florida.

12. TeAndrea Smith, 6-2, So., Pensacola State College (FL)

          Power player brings back memories of NBA star Shawn Kemp.

13. Shannon Smith, 5-7, So., Trinity Valley C.C. (TX)

          Originally a North Carolina signee, she is now a Michigan commitment.

14. Sofia Mendoza, 6-4, Fr., Northeastern Oklahoma A & M (OK)

          This towering post player is a native of Columbia.

15. Kayla Montgomery, 6-4, Fr., Gulf Coast State College (FL)

          Originally signed with Clemson out of high school.


The Next Ten

16. Savannah Carter, 5-7, So., Trinity Valley C.C. (TX)

          Shooting guard is a transfer from Grambling.

17. Achiri Ade, 6-1, So., Midland College (TX)

          Power forward signed with James Madison out of high school.

18. Janairrika Bland, 6-4, So., MCC Penn Valley (MO)

          Began her college career at Southern Miss before transferring.

19. Isadora Madzarevic, 6-3, So., Northern Oklahoma College (OK)

          A Euro wing who plays with a blue collar attitude.

20. Melinda Brimfield, 6-0, So., Gulf Coast State College (FL)

          An athletic shooting guard from Norway, S.C.

21. Leah Scott, 6-1, So., Iowa Western C.C. (IA)

          Transferred after starting her career at Central Michigan.

22. Julianne Anchling, 6-3, Fr., Trinity Valley C.C. (TX)

          A power forward who came to Texas from France.

23. Itiana Taylor, 6-0, Fr., Weatherford (TX)

          Texas native who first signed with North Texas, but is now open.

24. Sarah Williams, 5-6, So., Tallahassee C.C. (FL)

          Point guard who hails from Roanoke, Va.

25. Toma Zaleckaite, 6-3, Fr., Weatherford (TX)

         This international post player grew up in Latvia.