ASGR’s 2015 Champions Through July Period

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The 2015 travel season is coming to a close, and we wanted to take a moment to look back and recognize the top performances in All Star Girls Report sponsored events this summer.

The 2015 campaign will finish up in September with the fall tournaments, including the Marietta Tournament of Champions (Sept. 25-27), Chicagoland TOC (Sept. 26) and the La Jolla TOC (Sept. 26).


2015 Deep South Classic Championship Results

  • 17U National: Minnesota Fury 2016 Elite (MN) 69, Minnesota Stars Martin 17U (MN) 59
  • 17U Signature A: Alabama Elite 17U (AL) 50, Westchester Hoopers 17U (NY) 44
  • 17U Signature B: Bay State Magic Elite 17U (MA) 39, Minnesota Fury 2016 Gold 17U (MN) 27
  • 17U Convention A: NC Zoom 17U (NC) 59, Team Bwright 17U (TN) 43
  • 17U Convention B: Spectrum Elite 17U (VA) 81, Macon United Moore 17U (GA) 54
  • 17U Open A: Wolves Elite 17U (OH) 51, CAS Panthers 17U (NY) 48
  • 16U National: Team Ohio 16U (OH) 50, Barrie Juel Crown 16U (ON) 43
  • 16U Signature A: GA Pearls UA Elite 16U (GA) 54, Elevate New Orleans 16U (LA) 45
  • 16U Signature B: Honey Badgers 16U (MA) 76, W-S Stealers Grant White 16U (NC) 65
  • 16U Convention A: Cy Fair Premier AC 16U (TX) 50, MESB Wolfpack 16U (MD) 33
  • 16U Convention B: Team Bwright 16U (TN) 55, Confidence Cougars 16U (SC) 37
  • 16U Open A: Lady Gaters 15U (NC) 53, Boston (10) 16U (MA) 48
  • 16U Open B: Neptunes Terry 16U (VA) 50, NC Spartans 15U (NC) 26
  • 15U National A: Rivals Black 15U (MA) 54, 43 Hoops Black 15U (MN) 53
  • 15U National B: FBC MO Blue 15U (GA) 57, NC Heat 15U (MN) 32
  • 15U Signature A: Central Maryland Attitude 15U (MD) 53, North Toronto Crown 15U (ON) 20
  • 15U Signature B: Lady Royals 15U (NC) 56, Rivals Red 15U (MA) 44
  • 14U National A: Matrix 2019 Black 14U (VA) 47, Charlotte Lady Warriors 14U (NC) 27
  • 14U National B: TN Lady 14U (TN) 55, Infinity Flight 14U (WV) 41
  • 14U Signature A: Minnesota Stars Nelson 13U (MN) 48, MA Huskies 14U (MA) 46
  • 13U National A: Crossfire 13U (MN) 47, Triangle Tar Heels 13U (NC) 44

2015 Summer Derby Classic Championship Results

  • 17U National: Mac Irvin Fire 17U (IL) 53, Best Choice United 17U (IN) 53
  • 16U National: Best Choice United White 15U (IN) 55, Bolingbrook Panthers (IL) 43
  • 14U National: Kentucky Premier B Elite 13U (KY) 55, Dayton Flight 2020 13U (OH) 45


2015 Suwanee TOC Championship Results

  • 17U National:  IExcel 17U (NY) 52, All Ohio Xpress 2016 17U (OH) 35
  • 17U Signature:  IExcel 16U (NY) 45, Lady Gaters 17U (NC) 30
  • 16U National:  Team Ohio 2017 15U (OH) 50, Triangle Tarheels 16U (NC) 41
  • 15U National:  IExcel 15U (NY) 54, South Carolina Future 15U (SC) 37
  • 15U Signature:  IExcel 14U (NY) 54, Peak Performance National 15U (GA) 37
  • 14U National:  Philly Triple Threat 14U (PA) 43, FGB Future 14U (FL) 45

2015 DC Nationals Championship Results

  • 17U National:  BWSL Richmond 2016 17U (VA) 67, Havoc City Elite 17U (MD) 52
  • 17U Signature:  Fairfax Stars Showtime 16U (MD) 65, Lady Truballers 17U (VA) 49
  • 16U National:  Havoc City Elite 15U (MD) 60, Gauchos 14U (NY) 43


2015 Nashville TOC Championship Results

  • 17U National:  FBC MO 2017 17U (GA) 53, SC76ers Black 17U (SC) 50
  • 16U National:  Mass Rivals Black 15U (MA) 51, FBC MO Blue 15U (GA) 48
  • 15U National:  FBC Younggunz 14U (GA) 65, FGB Elite 2018 14U (FL) 53

2015 Lake Las Vegas Classic Championship Results

  • 17U National:  Idaho Hoopdreams Black 17U (ID) 66, So Cal Select Black 17U (CA) 37
  • 17U Signature:  Mac Irvin Fire Black 16U (IL) 62, BWSL Richmond 2017 Davis 16U (VA) 60
  • 15U National B:  So Cal Select Red 15U (CA) 46, BWSL Richmond 2018 15U (VA) 22


2015 Summer Basketball Playoff Results

  • 17U ASGR League:  iExcel 17U (NY) 68, Mac Irvin Fire 17U (IL) 43
  • 17U National A:  iExcel 17U (NY) 41, FBC MO 2017 17U (GA) 37
  • 17U National B:  SC76ers Black 17U (SC) 2, Mac Irvin Fire 17U (IL) 0
  • 17U National C: Boston Showstoppers 17U (MA) 57, Idaho Hoopdreams 17U (ID) 42
  • 17U National D:  So Cal Select Black 17U (CA) 63, Team Breakdown Black 17U (FL) 59
  • 16U ASGR League:  BWSL Richmond 2017 Davis 16U (VA) 68, Mac Irvin Fire Black 16U (IL) 57
  • 16U National A:  Neptunes Terry 16U (VA) 47, BWSL Richmond 2018 15U (VA) 29
  • 16U National B:  iExcel 15U (NY) 37, CyFair Premier White 16U (TX) 30
  • 15U ASGR League:  iExcel 14U (NY) 48, SC76ers Sizzle 15U (SC) 43
  • 15U National:  So Cal Select Red 15U (CA) 58, Philly Triple Threat 15U (PA) 47
  • 15U Signature:  Team Ohio 15U (OH) 56, SC76ers Cubs 14U (SC) 46
  • 14U National:  FGB Future 14U (FL) 64, Lady Gaters Bradford 14U (NC) 60

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