ASGR Summer League Will Include Elite Programs

The All Star Girls Report has been recognized as the national leader in girls travel basketball for decades, and ASGR is taking another step forward this summer. The All Star Girls Report Summer League will make its debut in 2015, featuring 32 elite teams in each age group, for 17U, 16U and 15U. The best of the best will compete throughout the summer, with the League crowning its champions at the Summer Basketball Playoff in Charlotte at the end of July.

The concept immediately received a positive reaction from the summer circuit participants.

“Our girls always look forward to the big events, so this will be cool for them,” said Coach Brian Wiley of the DC Heat program. “It will be great to play against the top teams from California or Florida to see who is the best. I just think it’s a great opportunity for everyone.”

“When we found out we had been invited to join the league, it was just pure excitement,” added Coach Shannon Rozier of North Florida Elite. “The more chances our girls have to play against top competition, the more they are going to develop, and the more exposure they are going to get. This league is going to give them a better chance at pursuing higher education, and that’s what this is all about ultimately.”

Each team in the ASGR Summer League will play three regular season games. These games will be scheduled on the days  leading up to the traditional major ASGR events, including the tournaments in Raleigh, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas. The Summer League games will be separate from these main tournaments. Each League team will play in the Summer Basketball Playoff, with the regular season contests used for seeding purposes.

“This league will have a little different twist, and I like it,” Wiley said. “I think it’s innovative — no one else is doing this. The league play will be great, but we’ll also get a chance to play all those other teams in the main events.”

The 2015 titles will then be determined in Charlotte, where the intensity level should be at an all time high.
“Usually you play for each weekend over the summer,” noted Coach Chris Brown from Tennessee Team Pride. “This year, the girls will have something to really concentrate on over the whole summer.
“We don’t have everything mapped out yet, but we are very excited about the players we have at this point. We won two of the ASGR events last year, and I’m confident we will be very competitive again this year.”

The All Star Girls Report was launched by White in 1995, and it has been providing the nation’s most accurate player ratings for the past 20 years. White’s Top Ten All American Camp has produced 175 McDonald’s All-Americans since 2001, and he spent 15 years serving as a grassroots consultant for major brands such as adidas, Reebok and FILA. White, who currently serves on the McDonald’s All-American Selection Committee, successfully launched the Michael T. White Signature Shoe and Clothing Line in 2008.

The fact that the event is being run by the experienced ASGR staff has been a major selling point with the travel programs.

“You know that anything they run is going to be successful, and you are going to want to be involved,” Brown said. “If you end up at some tournament and you have four or five coaches sitting at your court, you know you’ve made a bad decision. You don’t want your team stuck at some satellite gym 50 miles from everything. That’s one of the things the ASGR staff does so well — they keep things centralized.”

“Any time you are in one of their tournaments, you know it will be done right,” Wiley said. “The games are going to be on time, and everything is just spot on. It’s a real bonus knowing they will be running the show.”

For more information about ASGR, you can visit, or you can follow us  at For information on league opportunities and the uniform purchase program, you can contact Mike White at (818) 298-3488.