ASGR Ranks Top 100 JUCO Prospects

Katie Meier of Miami and UTEP’s Keitha Adams (top) have both benefitted from recruiting the JUCO level this year.

The updated All Star Girls Report national Junior College Top 100 has been released. The list, which includes only the prospects that ASGR analysts have seen, is highlighted by the talent at Trinity Valley Community College, including top ranked power forward Adut Bulgak.

Now in its 18th year, the All Star Girls Report is the leader in women’s basketball scouting. ASGR’s rankings are compiled by veteran analyst Bret McCormick, who rated several hundred athletes in the JUCO Sophomore class. ASGR members can log in and view the complete updated rankings at

Here is a quick look at the ASGR JUCO Super Six along with a quick comment from McCormick:

1- Adut Bulgak (Uncommitted): “Adut is a good athlete who is originally from Canada. She is a strong player who can score down low, but she can also shoot the three. She has a very diverse game.”

2- Sh’lonte Allen (Uncommitted): “She is a tremendous athlete who can really leap. She is an explosive player with a nice mid-range game and three-point range.”

3- Jocelyn Mousty (Uncommitted): “Jocelyn is a post with good size who originally signed with Indiana. She is a very skilled player with great footwork, and she can score with either hand. Just a strong overall player.”

4- Kuaneshia “Co Co” Baker (Uncommitted): “Co Co is a transfer from LSU. She is very quick and she can score in a lot of ways. She can attack the basket, hit the three, and make the floater in the lane.”

5- Sinclair Cunningham (Uncommitted): “Sinclair is a wing who scores off the bounce and she can shoot the three. She is athletic enough to take it coast to coast.”

6- Khadijah Ellison (Uncommitted): “Khadijah is another great athlete who really elevates on her jumper. She can attack the basket, or she can use her mid-range game.”

1- Adut Bulgak6-3PFTrinity ValleyAthens, TXUndecided
2- Sh’lonte Allen5-8SGTrinity ValleyAthens, TXUndecided
3- Jocelyn Mousty6-3CSanta FeGainesville, FLUndecided
4- Kuaneshia Baker5-8SGTrinity ValleyAthens, TXUndecided
5- Sinclair Cunningham6-1WFKishwaukeeMalta, ILUndecided
6- Khadijah Ellison5-8SGChipolaMarianna, FLUndecided
7- Abigail Asoro6-1PFIowa WesternCouncil Bluffs, IAUndecided
8- Shea Brown6-4CCentral ArizonaCoolidge, AZKansas
9- Dominique Powell6-2CGulf Coast StatePanama City, FLUndecided
10- Simone Westbrook5-9SGNW Florida StateNiceville, FLUndecided
11- Kayla Montgomery6-4CGulf Coast StatePanama City, FLWest Virginia
12- Juanita Robinson5-10SGJohnson CountyOverland Park, KSUndecided
13- Macy Keen6-5CSeminole StateSeminole, OKUndecided
14- Jessica Morton5-10SGGulf Coast StatePanama City, FLUndecided
15- Julianne Anchling6-3PFTrinity ValleyAthens, TXUndecided
16- Korina Chapman6-0PFSewardLiberal, KSUndecided
17- Ashley Jones6-1PFPalm Beach StateLake Worth, FLMiami FL
18- Rudiana Eduardo6-1WFNW Florida StateNiceville, FLUTEP
19- Ebony Wells6-4CChipolaMarianna, FLUndecided
20- Vernessa Hinnant5-8SGMiami DadeMiami, FLUndecided
21- Bre Brooks5-8PGWeatherfordWeatherford, TXUndecided
22- Tia Dixon5-6PGCentral ArizonaCoolidge, AZUndecided
23- Itiana Taylor6-0WFWeatherfordWeatherford, TXUndecided
24- Ivana Jakubcova6-6CMurray StateTishomingo, OKUndecided
25- Joymesia Howard6-2PFCentral ArizonaCoolidge, AZUndecided
26- Mariah Jordan6-2PFPensacola StatePensacola, FLUndecided
27- Chy Cunningham5-10SGParisParis, TXUndecided
28- Dominique Brooks6-4CTrinity ValleyAthens, TXUndecided
29- Iesha Bonner6-1PFDarton StateAlbany, GAUndecided
30- Deborah Meeks5-9SGTrinity ValleyAthens, TXWichita St.
31- Antoinette Taylor5-7PGState FairSedalia, MOUndecided
32- Ashlee Ivy6-0SGButler CountyEl Dorado, KSWichita St.
33- Carlee Schuhmacher6-2CDes Moines AreaBoone, IANC State
34- Carla Batchellor6-0WFNW Florida StateNiceville, FLUndecided
35- Sabrina Berry6-0WFIndependenceIndependence, KSUndecided
36- DeVaughn Gray6-0WFNE Oklahoma A&MMiami, OKUndecided
37- Treyvonna Brooks6-1PFChipolaMarianna, FLUndecided
38- Jessica Warren6-2CKaskaskiaCentralia, ILUndecided
39- Breanna Baker6-2CSW IllinoisBelleville, ILUndecided
40- Asia Mosley5-11PFState FairSedalia, MOUndecided
41- Simiah Blount5-8SGHillsboroughTampa, FLUndecided
42- Katharina Muller6-0WF New MexicoHobbs, NMUTEP
43- Kyhonta Doughty6-1PFTrinity ValleyAthens, TXUndecided
44- Destini Feagin5-10SGGulf Coast StatePanama City, FLUndecided
45- Brianna Wright6-1PFChipolaMarianna, FLUndecided
46- Chelsie Keys6-1PFCoffeesvilleCoffeeville, KSUndecided
47- Lashanda Green5-6PGMurray StateTishomingo, OKLa. Tech
48- Anya Kalenta6-3CVincennesVincennes, INUndecided
49- Shanice Vaughan5-8SGParisParis, TXUndecided
50- Hali Ford6-1WFMobley AreaMobley, MOUndecided
51- Jennifer Williams5-9SGNE Oklahoma A&MMiami, OKUndecided
52- Jen’Von’Ta Hill5-7SGHutchinsonHutchinson, KSUndecided
53- Te’Era Williams6-0WFButlerEl Dorado, KSUndecided
54- Toma Zalekaite6-3CWeatherfordWeatherford, TXUndecided
55- Sameia Kendall5-7SGJohnson CountyOverland Park, KSUndecided
56- Brittany Martin6-3CNW Florida StateNiceville, FLUndecided
57- Shanise Brooks6-1PFSewardLiberal, KSUndecided
58- Apiphany Woods5-9SGState FairSedalia, MOUndecided
59- Caitlin Rameriz6-2PFTylerTyler, TXUndecided
60- Erika McCaster5-8PGSW IllinoisBellevile, ILUndecided
61- Diamonisha Sophus5-3PGChipolaMarianna, FLUndecided
62- Shernise Robertson5-6PGTylerTyler, TXSam Houston
63- Sera Ozelci6-1WFOdessaOdessa, TXUndecided
64- Aiyannah Peal5-10WFTallahasseeTallahassee, FLUndecided
65- Kynadi Johnson6-1PFButlerEl Dorado, KSUndecided
66- Tyla Corrigan6-4PFMineral AreaPark Hills, MOUndecided
67- Jamie Patrick5-11WFHutchinsonHutchinson, KSUndecided
68- Karley Barnes6-3CTallahasseeTallahassee, FLUndecided
69- Tiarra Pollnitz5-8PGPensacola StatePensacola, FLUndecided
70- Simone Potts6-0PFSt. PetersburgSt. Petersburg, FLUndecided
71- Tyeshia Guinnie5-6SGTallahasseeTallahassee, FLUndecided
72- Devanyar Workman5-9SGJacksonvilleJacksonville, TXUndecided
73- Gabby Williams5-9SGFla. State CollegeJacksonville, FLUndecided
74- Naomi Harris6-0PFIllinois CentralEast Peoria, ILUndecided
75- Morgan Holly6-2COdessaOdessa, TXUndecided
76- Kadaysha Jones5-10SGDarton StateAlbany, GAUndecided
77- Lateeka Thompson5-7SGNorth Iowa AreaMason City, IAUndecided
78- Shomari Kendrick6-2CPensacola StatePensacola, FLEast Tenn. State
79- Samaria Howard5-8SGFla. State CollegeJacksonville, FLUndecided
80- Caitlyn Spaine6-1PFJones CountyEllisville, MSSouthern Illinois
81- Ariel Allen5-11PFTallahasseeTallahassee, FLUndecided
82- Adella Randle-El5-8SGState FairSedalia, MOUndecided
83- Kei’Yana Pearson5-8PGVincennesVincennes, INUndecided
84- Allegria Chisom5-9SGGarden CityGarden City, KSUndecided
85- Jameesha Armstrong5-5PGAllen CountyIola, KSUndecided
86- Keri Kleist6-2PFMoberly AreaMoberly, MOUndecided
87- Makeba Elliott5-6PGKaskaskiaCentralia, ILUndecided
88- Rachel Reid5-8SGHillsboroughTampa, FLUndecided
89- Monique Mulder5-3PGNew MexicoHobbs, NMUndecided
90- Cedricka Sweeting5-5PGDarton StateAlbany, GAUndecided
91- Kimberly Sinisterra6-1C St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg, FLUndecided
92- Tami Morice5-11WFKishwaukeeMalta, ILUndecided
93- Ashley Hawkins6-0PFVincennesVincennes, INUndecided
94- Mary Sims5-9SGState FairSedalia, MOUndecided
95- Timeka O’Neal5-4PGJohnson CountyOverland Park, KSUndecided
96- Chelsey Jacox5-8SGNorth Iowa AreaMason City, IAUndecided
97- Jasmine Queen6-2CTallahasseeTallahassee, FLUndecided
98- Julia Alves6-2WFState FairHighland, KSArkansas Tech
99- Dayshanay Russel6-1PFLabetteParsons, KSUndecided
100- Arielle Cooper6-0PFRedlandsEl Reno, OKUndecided