ASGR Partners with SportsBoard to Develop Innovative Mobile Scouting App

Michael T. White and Bret McCormick of All Star Girls Report are thrilled to announce a unique partnership with SportsBoard that will result in a revolutionary mobile app (iPad and iPhone) to hundreds of college, high school and AAU club coaches. The ASGR App will enable college coaches to merge ASGR’s scouting data on the top-rated players with their own assessments of the elite talent.

Since 1995, All Star Girls Report has provided hundreds of clients with superior national coverage of 5,000 top prospects on a yearly basis. Bret McCormick, All Star Girls Report is a trusted source of national championship programs, Hall of Fame coaches and AAU club teams.

The ASGR App will enable college coaches to leave binders and notebooks behind, allowing them to access team rosters for all ASGR tournaments and scout with their iPads or iPhones, recording text or scribble notes, basketball-specific ratings, shot charts and stats, photos and videos.

The ASGR App will also contain game schedules and venue floor plans for every ASGR event, saving coaches the trouble of leafing through pages of tournament handouts.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with SportsBoard,” said White, founding partner of ASGR. “We believe this is an important step forward for the All Star Girls Report. Our staff has consistently produced the most accurate, in-depth information possible, but it is critical that we’re able to communicate that information quickly to our customers. This new mobile app will lift the level of our service to our clients to a new level.”

SportsBoard’s iPad and cloud-based technology for recruiting, season and camp activities has been adopted by over 150 college athletic programs, including perennial powers Duke men’s basketball and North Carolina women’s basketball.

“We are thrilled to partner with ASGR,” stated Gregg Jacobs, Founder of SportsBoard. “This relationship is so synergistic, benefitting college coaches, ASGR, and SportsBoard – everyone wins with this partnership, and that’s the essence of truly valuable partnerships.”