ASGR League Ready For Banner 2017 Season

The All Star Girls Report Summer League is now preparing for its third season, and all indication point toward another remarkable year.

A total of 150 elite teams will be competing at the 14U, 15U, 16U and 17U levels. Regular season League games will be held in conjunction with the following ASGR events: the Deep South Classic in Raleigh, NC on April 20-23; the Virginia Beach Classic in Virginia Beach, VA on April 28-30; the Suwanee TOC in Suwanee, GA on July 5-8; and the Summer Derby Classic in Louisville, KY on July 9-12.

The overall results of each team’s 12 league games will determine their seeding in the Summer Basketball Playoff in Washington, DC on July 26-29.

The one word that best describes the ASGR Summer League is “quality.” It starts with the detailed, professional approach to event management, and that blends perfectly with supremely talented athletes on the court.

“They just do an amazing job running all their tournaments,” said Boogie Washington of Havoc City Elite out of Maryland. “We’ve never had any problems. The games are run on time, and everything is done the right way. Even if something does go wrong — like if a team backs out at the last minute — their staff does what they have to do to make it right.

“You never feel like you got the short end of the stick at their tournaments. They treat you like valued customers.”

That reputation for quality service is a big reason why top flight programs consistently flock to All Star Girls Report events. And, on the summer circuit, talent draws talent.

“You know the competition is going to be awesome, so you have to compete, you have to execute, and then you have to get a little lucky,” noted Coach Don Briggs, who helped the Maine Firecrackers win the 16U division in 2016. “Fortunately, we had all those things last year.”

“The League is filled with so many quality teams, and that means that your players will have a chance to showcase their abilities against that competition,” said Kenny Kallina of FGB Elite. “They get that great exposure, and that competition also helps them improve as players.”

“It gives you a chance to be a part of something special, and it gives your kids an opportunity to show college coaches that they can compete at the highest level. It’s always exciting to play against elite competition from across the country,” added Roger Wiley from the SC 76ers.

“They always have a good mix of teams from across the country, and they even bring in teams from Canada,” said Ryan Gardner of PF Stars from Philadelphia. “It’s not a situation where you are playing against the same old teams in every event. You play against new teams, teams you might have seen but not played against, or even teams that you have heard of, but never seen.”

The talented athletes on the court are complemented by experienced, dedicated coaches on the bench.

“You have a lot of great players, but you also have teams that are very well coached in the League,” said Karen Wietz of the Vegas Bulldogs. “You play against coaches that are developing a team, not just sending out a bunch of good athletes. I think it’s a better event and a better experience when you face those types of teams.”

In the ASGR Summer League, those teams are focused on battling for an important national title.

“When you are playing in the League, you have the mindset that every game really matters,” said Doug Bush of the Alabama Southern Starz. “You realize that you are always building your position for the championship tournament. It’s kind of like playing conference games for college basketball teams. The kids understand what it’s all about, and that’s makes the whole experience much better.”

“We absolutely love playing in the League. Being in the League provides a special enthusiasm for every event,” added Briggs. “In past years, there were times when games could get a little monotonous. It was just one game after another. When you are in the League, it just adds more energy to each game. It adds a lot to the summer.”

Over the past two years, the competitive flavor of the League has intensified in a positive way.

“In our program, we stress competition. We feel like that is the best way to prepare our players for the next level, so for us it’s about winning and competing,” explained Alfred “Mo” Motton of the FBC Basketball Club from Georgia. “At every level in the League, you play very competitive games. You also build friendships and new rivalries in the League, and that makes the competition a little more special.”

Of course the No. 1 goal of the travel circuit is exposure. No organization provides more exposure to college coaches than the All Star Girls Report. Veteran travel organizer Mike Davis, who now serves as the girls director for Team Loaded out of Virginia, is on board.

“I know, and our parents know, that we are going to consistently see college coaches from every level at these events,” Davis said. “Every kid gets the exposure they need because you have smaller college coaches along with mid-major coaches and coaches from the powers.

“Our kids have been contacted by schools from every part of the country after ASGR events. I know personally, my own daughter had West Coast schools reaching out to her after one event.”

“The ASGR events are always well-attended by college coaches from across the country, and the teams you face are always very competitive. Those are the two things you are looking for when you schedule events during the recruiting period,” added Gardner.

“The All Star Girls Report reputation, which has been built over the years, guarantees that you are going to draw a lot of college coaches,” concluded Wietz. “Anything that draws more coaches is great for us.”