2014 Commitment List Grows

Matthew Mitchell of Kentucky (photo by Chet White, UK Media Relations) and Temple’s Tonya Cardoza (top) have both had success on the recruiting trail.

The 2014 recruiting classes are coming into focus, and over the next month we will review some of the programs that are enjoying the most success in the early going. Here is a quick look at some of the teams that have been making noise this summer, along with the perspective of All Star Girls Report analyst Bret McCormick. Each athlete is listed with their ASGR national ranking for 2014.

    Temple: Khadijah Berger, No. 144, 5-9, SG; Alliya Butts, No. 234, 5-5, PG; Wendion Bibbins, No. 248, 6-1, PF; Tanaya Atkinson, No. 278, 5-10, SG.

    McCormick on the Owls: “This is a good, deep class for Temple. Berger is a good athlete with skills. She can hit the deep three, and she has a nice step back jumper. Butts is a lightning quick point guard with a high basketball IQ. She can control the game, and she also has the ability to explode to the rim. Bibbins is a double-double type of player who can rebound and score both inside and outside. Atkinson is a big guard with explosive athleticism and a nice mid-range game.”


    California: Gabby Green, No. 5, 6-2, SG; Mikayla Cowling, No. 30, 5-11, WF.

    McCormick on the Golden Bears: “Green is a long, strong athlete who is a point forward type. She knows how to play the game, and she has a well-rounded game. Cowling is an explosive athlete who can score in the paint and on the perimeter. She plays hard, and she always seems to be around the ball.”


    Texas: Ariel Atkins, No. 11, 5-11, SG; Brooke McCarty, No. 18, 5-5, PG; Dani Akigbogun, No. 145, 5-9, SG; Tasia Foman, No. 240, 5-6, PG.

    McCormick on the Longhorns: “Atkins is a lefty with a good mid-range game and the ability to post up. She took her game to a new level this summer. McCarty is a true point guard with understands the game, and she has a wonderful floater she shoots in the lane. Akigbogun is a banger who has the strength to score after contact, and she plays with a lot of energy. Foman is an intelligent point guard who works hard and plays good defense.”


    Kentucky: Alexis Jennings, No. 35, 6-2, PF; Alyssa Rice, No. 44, 6-3, C; Jaycee Coe, No. 195, 5-11, WF.

    McCormick on the Wildcats: “Jennings is a versatile player who is coming off a very good summer. She can rebound, score inside and face up out to the three-point arc. Rice is a very skilled player with great footwork and the ability to finish with either hand. Rice has tremendous potential. Coe can put the ball on the floor, but she made her mark as a long range shooter.”


    SMU: Mikayla Reese, No. 90, 5-8, PG; Kamy Cole, No. 159 (TCU Transfer), 5-9, G; Taylor Brame, No. 204, 5-11, WF; Aurmani Degar, No. 224, 5-9, PG.

    McCormick on the Mustangs: “Reese originally verballed to Oklahoma State. She is a strong athlete who has a good feel for the game. Cole is an athletic two guard who knows how to get to the foul line. Brame is a three-four player with a great upside. She has a real inside-outside game. Degar is a smart point guard who plays hard, and she is a three-point threat.”


    Providence: Breahanda Stratton, No. 101, 5-11, SG; Brianna Frias, No. 281, 6-1, PF; Alise Parker, No. 584, 6-1, WF; Yasmine Bidikuindila, NR, 6-6, C.

    McCormick on the Friars: “Stratton has impressive physical attributes, and she likes to attack the rim. Frias is a blue collar player who can bang and score down low. She can also go to the high post and put the ball on the floor. Parker has good side and the ability to score inside and on the edge. She has impressive raw skills. Bidikuindila is a Canadian who can score inside and block shots.”


    Iowa: Whitney Jennings, No. 132, 5-5, PG; Chase Coley, No. 173, 6-2, WF; Carly Mohns, No. 186, 6-1, PF; Christina Buttenham, No. 246, 5-11, WF.

    McCormick on the Hawkeyes: “Jennings is a good athlete with a scorer’s mentality and the ability to get to the free throw line. Coley is a fundamentally sound player with an inside-out game. Mohns is a strong athlete with a high motor and a solid all-ar0und game. Buttenham is from Canada and she is a skilled player who knows the game. She plays hard, and she can hit the three.”